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How do you attract moms and kids to two different KOOL-AID sponsored sites without alienating either one?

The answer came in the form of a interstitial web page that directs users to both and

This strategy was implemented as part of KOOL-AID's 2001 relaunch. The relaunch also refocused the branding and navigation of the site-- reinforcing the KOOL-AID brand while making it easier for consumers to navigate the site.

The relaunch also added 3 new sections:

Fun Factory (a fun new section for moms to find fun things for kids to do with KOOL-AID.)

Marvin's Magic Tricks (in partnership with Marvin's Magic, KOOL-AID presents exciting magic tricks in conjunction with the launch of KOOL-AID's New Magic Twists Flavors.)

Free Stuff (a new section to highlight current free promotions from KOOL-AID.)

  • Concept Development
  • Site Design
  • Copywriting
  • Navigation Development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Cross-browser compliant HTML and Javascript
  • Perl CGI scripting
  • Oracle database interface for recipe retrieval
  • Flash Animation