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Kraft Foods wanted to increase usage of Kraft/Nabisco products and stimulate consumer interaction with by providing users with creative and fun Halloween ideas.

Our solution came in the form of Ghoulishly Good Times; 13 pages of recipes, party ideas, decorating tips, pumpkin carving stencils, and an innovative printable party planner.

For NetSurf's design team, this project was a labor of love. "Halloween was always a special time in our household, it has a magic that inspires me to this day." said Creative Director, Don McCormick. "Designing this site was like getting paid to have fun. Everyone loved the challenge and we are all happy with the results."

Jennifer Smith, a Marketing Manager for Kraft's E-commerce Division had this to say, " have done a fantastic job! I am really excited for everyone (in the company and our KIK users) to see it. It was great working with you."

  • Concept Development
  • Design
  • Content Development
  • Navigation Development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Cross-browser compliant HTML and Javascript
  • Perl CGI scripting
  • Oracle database interface for recipe retrieval
  • ATG Dynamo integration and implementation of 'Branded' user interface.
To review the full Ghoulishly Good Times site, click on the link below.

Ghoulishly Good Times