NetSurf Technologies is a successful, innovative new media firm that uses leading-edge technologies, savvy marketing and out-of-the-box thinking to create powerful web sites and internet marketing tools for companies of all sizes. We treat design and technology as creative equals, and use consumer satisfaction as our yardstick.

We are progressive in our approach, and we're experts at creating mouth-watering, thought-provoking internet solutions for our clients.

We invite you to join the select group of satisfied and successful clients who have benefited from their relationships with NetSurf Technologies.

We understand that an entry into the Web is not a trivial undertaking, and that every aspect of a website - whether it's the creative, content, infrastructure or functionality - reflects the company that it represents. You'll probably agree that no technology in and of itself provides the master key. Tomorrow's online success stories will be those companies that are able to use technology in interesting and innovative ways to achieve their marketing goals.

We will work with you to understand your business - on time and on budget. We are fully equipped to provide scaleable solutions that we develop using successful on-line strategies that have evolved from our in-depth understanding of the Internet's unique culture and environment.

We are committed to producing results for companies of all types and sizes in today's burgeoning internet marketplace. The internet is a powerful marketing vehicle - let us help your firm take full advantage of its unique characteristics to build your bottom line.

A successful Internet presence is the product of a collaborative environment in which a careful mix of dissimilar disciplines is combined in a highly effective manner. These specialties include technology, marketing, communication and design.

Two primary factors distinguish NetSurf Technologies from other interactive design and communications firms:

First, the firm is built on a multi-disciplinary, integrated communications model. This ensures that our technical team works closely with our marketing, graphics design, communications and advertising specialists to create the unique skill set that is required for producing results in this burgeoning area.

Second, we understand the issues, we know how to create solutions for them, and we know how to implement those solutions. Just as the Internet knows no boundaries - there is no top, no bottom, there are no sides - we are committed to finding the best resources available to meet our clients' needs.

This integrated approach provides three significant and measurable advantages:

First, that the digital communications technologies that are employed in any NetSurf Technologies project meet clearly defined communications objectives;

Second, a practical assurance that this exciting new media is understood, and properly placed within the context of an overall media mix, including more traditional venues such as direct mail, public relations, advertising, etc.;

and Third, the knowledge that our skills and motivations have been effectively used throughout our longstanding client relationships to do the very best we can to help our clients meet their online goals.