OK - it's time to go live! After you've tested it to death, and you're sure there are no problems lurking, it's time to move your site from staging to production - and to unveil your site to the world.

Moving from a staging to a production environment is a technical task that involves copying all the files from one server to the other, resulting in a production environment that is a mirror of staging. This allows you to begin to make your next round of changes or apply your maintenance efforts to a copy of the site that is as current as that which is live. This affords flexibility and efficiencies that will keep the site up all the time, and allow you to make modifications without impacting your website's operation.

Now is also the time to have your design firm apply carefully crafted Meta Tags to your pages. Meta Tags are the mechanisms that associate a website with key words and careful descriptions that are used by search engines to catalog your site/content. This is one of the most important ways users will find your site. Search engine submissions are an important way to build traffic to your site, and should be given careful consideration.