Once the Kick Off Meeting has been held, the design firm will begin to work on creative concept development based on all the feedback received previously, as well as on the specifications set forward in the original RFP.

Generally, two to three different creative concepts are presented for your team's review. It's important that these concepts be presented in the context of a webpage, and not on story boards, so that they can be viewed in their natural medium, subject to all the limitations the web puts on creative and layout. It's much more meaningful to see a page displayed on a monitor, where you can easily see what's on the first screen, and what falls below the fold, how the colors and type render, and how the design overall adapts to a computer screen. Each concept will generally be accompanied by a second-level page.

Once a design has been selected, there are typically 2 to 3 rounds of changes, although this will vary depending on the arrangements you've made with the design firm.